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  • Supply 8PCS Guitar Effect Pedals JOYO JP-01 Supply 8PCS Guitar Effect Pedals JOYO JP-01
  • 8-Way 9V2-Way 18V Power Supply 8PCS Guitar Effect Pedals JOYO JP-01 8-Way 9V2-Way 18V Power Supply 8PCS Guitar Effect Pedals JOYO JP-01
  • 8-Way 9V2-Way 18V Power  JOYO JP-01 8-Way 9V2-Way 18V Power  JOYO JP-01
  • JOYO JP-01 cable JOYO JP-01 cable
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  • JP-01 cable JP-01 cable
  • JOYO JP-01 JOYO JP-01

8-Way 9V/2-Way 18V Power Supply 8PCS Guitar Effect Pedals JOYO JP-01

Quick Overview

To support durablly and reliablly for your effects, protection circuit is designed internal to avoid the shortage or overload of voltage. High-quality output of 8-way DC 9V and 2-way DC 18V is supported, to eliminate the high cost of battery.

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Power: AC 110v-240V
Output currency: 9v 800ma max and 18V 600ma max
9v ---8ways 18V -----2 ways
Dimension: 120L*72W*40H (mm)
Battery replacement

1. Connecting AC adapter with the IMPUT of the multi-power Supply, It is normal when the index light gets on.
2. Please make sure, that the cables that are provided with the power supply support the industry standard connection of positive + barrel and negative- center.
3. Please be clear on the pedal's power requirement before connecting with the power supply. This multi-power Supply's 8 ways 9V output can totally supply MAX 800ma and 2 ways 18V outputcan totally supply 600ma.
4.10 pieces of 9v connecting wires are provided, Which are universal to most other brand's pedals.

How To Use:

1. If the LED index light does not get on when the power supply being connected with adapter, please check whether the adapter is correctly plugged.
2. LED will be off when any of the 9v output runs into short circuit, and the volt of 9v output will automatically go to 0V.When in this case, you can easily find out what's the problem by only pulling out the connecing pedals, then link them again.
3. Please try to check the reason by the following steps when you find any of the 8 9voutputs could not work:
a. make sure whether the polarity is correct, and whether the wolt & adapter is suitalble with the power wupply.
b. Try to use another wire if another wire could work with it this tells the former one has been damaged, If the former wire can work with another output, it tells this output jack's been damaged.

Package Included:

1 x Effect Pedals Pwer Supply
10 x Cables
1 x Power Adapter

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